A Creative Property Management is proud to serve Cypress, as well as Orange County at large. We have worked hard to distinguish ourselves in this in-demand market, offering property management services that are tailored to what you need as an owner and what your renters need as tenants. With us, you get exactly what you need This keeps satisfaction high and costs low, allowing you to maximize the return on your real estate investment.

We have experience managing many property types, from single homes to massive apartment complexes, as well as everything in between. We make sure that Cypress renters have numerous quality, well-maintained properties to call home, and that Cypress property owners feel secure in renting their properties out. Whether you need a one-time service or ongoing property management, A Creative Property Management is the company you should turn to.

Our Property Management Services

Property management is complicated. You need to balance your needs with the needs of renters, tackling issues such as marketing, property maintenance, tenant screening, rent collection, and more. If your rental income is your only source of income, this is difficult to handle, and if you also have another job, it can become impossible to do on your own. If property management isn’t your specialty, it quickly becomes overwhelming.

For the team at A Creative Property Management, not only is property management our specialty, it is also our passion. We love the challenge of balancing all the various tasks while getting to know both owners and tenants alike, as well as your happiness when you see how we can make your real estate investment work for you. Below are the types of property management we offer.

Residential Property Management

Looking to rent out your vacant residential property? Our team is ready to help. No matter your reason for renting out your property, we can get it ready for tenants and help you with other tasks.

What are some of the services we offer that can help you as a residential property owner? Well, let’s look at this as a series of steps.

Step one is to market your property effectively, determining its best features and targeting the potential tenants who are right for your property; this also involves helping you set the right price for rent. Step two is to show your property to interested parties, helping them see your property as home. Step three is screening the potential tenants before allowing them to rent from you; this involves extensive background checks that cover employment, criminal, and rental history.

Depending on what you are wanting in terms of property management, we could stop there. Or, if you are looking to take a more hands-off approach to renting your residential property, we can take over all aspects, from collecting rent to fixing plumbing issues and more.

Apartment Property Management

While residential property management can stop at landing the right tenant, apartment property management is always an ongoing process, though you can choose how thorough you want us to be. Much like residential property management, we will handle the marketing, showing, screening, and renting for you. However, because tenants come and go, we will keep up with this throughout the year, making sure that your units are never vacant for long.

What are some other services we can offer you? When tenants leave, we can complete the exit screening for you, assessing any damage to the unit and taking it out of the security deposit. Then, we can prepare the unit for the next tenant and get it ready for showing and renting.

We handle the rent collection for you, going as far as to offer a special online portal for rent payment that makes it very easy on tenants. Maintenance is on us; we work with a massive network of quality contractors, landscapers, plumbers, and repairmen, so whatever goes wrong will be fixed quickly and expertly. If a tenant becomes a problem or stops paying rent, we will address the issue, going as far as to enlist the help of lawyers we work with to ensure payment is recovered and the tenant evicted if needed.

Additional services we offer include incorporating security measures, completing annual inspections, and creative improvement plans for your property. We also cover all accounting aspects, so tax time is never stressful for you. And, as always, you can choose the services you want, so you get exactly what you need.

HOA Property Management

HOA property management requires a different approach than other forms of property management. So, if you require assistance in managing HOA properties, you need to work with an experienced company. A Creative Property Management has been working with HOA properties in Cypress for years, and we have learned which approaches work best.

With HOA properties, there are always lots of policies and regulations that must be considered, as well as the input of the members of the HOA. We can manage your HOA property, running it smoothly while ensuring everything is in compliance. We have experience managing HOAs both large and small and have learned the right techniques for working with board members, owners, and tenants. Our approach ensures that everyone gets what they need while following the rules. Our HOA property management includes the services we offer with our other forms of management, including marketing, billing, and maintenance.

Why Choose A Creative Property Management?

There are many property management companies operating in Cypress, so why should you choose us over the competition?

Perhaps our most stand-out feature is our ala carte approach to our services. Rather than creating pre-set packages that force you to pay for services you don’t need to get the ones you do, you get to choose exactly those you need. This keeps the cost of working with us down while also giving you custom service. And since our fee starts at a low 5.9%, you get to keep more of your rental income.

While a tailored approach and low rates are great, we don’t stop there. We offer some of the best property management services in the area. Our reputation for minimizing the time properties are vacant, finding the right tenants, and tackling the stressful aspects of property management has helped us become the top property management company in Cypress. We go beyond keeping things running to make sure your real estate investment delivers for you.

Getting Started with A Creative Property Management

Are you unsure which services you need? Allow us to help. Start the process by filling out our short form and we will analyze your property, determining which of our services will best benefit you. If you have any questions about our services or are ready to move forward with working with us, you can give us a call at 714-842-8080 or stop by our Huntington Beach office. Allow us to simplify and streamline the process of renting your property.


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