FAQs on Property Management

Please read on for Frequently Asked Questions and our answer for each.

1. How do I know the tenants in my property are taking proper care of the premises?
A: We complete extensive background checks on all of our potential tenants, including credit checks, employment history, and any criminal history, as well as prior tenancies. Additionally, we routinely check on the property inside and out once it has been inhabited for your peace of mind.

2. How do I know what my fees will be using your services?
A: Price depends entirely on the types of services you require. For example, there is no management fee until your property has been rented. So while we still make sure your property is well cared for while it is vacant, we will not charge you for those services. Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry and are actually deducted from the monthly rent we collect. Once we meet with you and sort out your personal needs, we will happily provide you with a free quote for your consideration.

3. What if I need to talk to someone in the middle of the night? Do I have to leave a message with a machine?
A: We absolutely pride ourselves on being accessible and ever-available to our clients. This means we have a real person who answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If for any reason we cannot personally take your call, as in a call in the middle of the night or off-hours, our answering service will get your message to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

4. Do your services cover property upkeep?
A: Absolutely! We are a full-service property maintenance company. You can rest assured when your property is under our care. We have relationships with the best local repair service companies and pre-screen contractors and vendors to ensure your property is maintained to the highest standards, at the lowest cost around. We also cover monthly bills, such as collecting rent, paying property taxes, insurance, mortgage and the basic utility fees. It is our goal to make your investment work for you.

5. How will you help get my vacant property off the market and inhabited?
A: Our team of dependable and highly knowledgeable marketing experts will create a marketing strategy for your particular property to make sure it is rented quickly and at the highest possible value. We know how to advertise properties in Orange County and you can trust on us to do the best possible job!

6. I’m so glad you have found a renter for my property! Is there anything I need to do concerning the tenant or do you handle it all?
A: You never have to give it a second thought, we handle all aspects of the tenant relationship! With our full services program, we handle the full tenant application process, collect and retain the initial security deposit in trust accounts, and routinely check on the tenant and property. Should the unfortunate occur, we also handle eviction and court order of possession services. Alternatively, you may also choose to have us provide you with a one-time rental service. We can do it all, but how you choose for us to work with you is completely up to you!

7. What type of properties do you work with?
A: We manage residential properties, such as single-family homes, apartment complexes, townhouses and condos.

8. My family and I moved into one of your properties and are new to Orange County. We are unsure where to go to locate local utility providers and schools for the children. Do you help new residents get their bearings?
A: We are certainly happy to help you get started in your new home! As with our clients, we treat our tenants with the same consideration. For information concerning who to call to hook up your utilities, and for a list of local schools in your neighborhood, please refer to the School and Utilities section of our website at: https://www.acpm1.com/utilities.html

9. I have your Full Service Property Management program and you have just found a tenant for one of my vacant properties. What happens if the tenant does not pay rent?
A: We work for you first and foremost, so we will notify you of any issues with a tenant. We also handle dealing with the tenant. In this case, we would contact the tenant and provide them with a written notice that they must pay the due rent as soon as possible as well as any incurred late fees. Should the issue persist, we will draw up eviction and court order of possession services if need be. This is the type of thing we handle from A to B on our end.

10. I’m unsure which of your services to choose and how they work. Can you please break it down for me?
A: We offer:

One Time Service: We find tenant(s) for your property and you manage the rest.

  1. Fees are 5.9% of first year of rent collected
  2. We advertise and show your property
  3. We thoroughly screen prospective tenants and check their credit, criminal background, employment and eviction reports

Full Service Property Management: this includes all of the above, plus:

  1. Fees equal 6.9% of monthly rent collected
  2. 24/7 answering service
  3. Paying maintenance bills
  4. Collecting monthly rents and inspecting the property
  5. Providing monthly statements
  6. Providing tenants with notices, such as rent increase, violations, evictions, etc.

Premium Service Property Management: this includes all aspects of the above programs, plus:

  1. Fees equal 7.9% of monthly rent collected
  2. Handling of the mortgage payment
  3. Paying Homeowners Association fees
  4. Handling payment of the property taxes

If you are still unsure how we at A-Creative Property Management may best be able to serve you, please call us at 714-842-8080 to set up a free consultation today! We can figure out which plan would best serve you, with no obligation.


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