A Creative Property Management is your one stop for all of your property rental and management needs. Since 1980, we have provided Southern California with full service property management, as well as tiered services, so that no matter what type of property services you need, we will bring our decades of experience to work hard on your behalf. It’s not easy to manage or market properties, but at A Creative Property Management, we have the skill, knowhow and drive to make the process easy for you. No matter how active you want us to be in relation to your property, our specialized services will be tailored to match your needs. Our expertise lies in marketing your Fountain Valley property in order to locate the best tenant quickly, as well as every aspect of managing the property, so you can relax and enjoy your investment.

About Fountain Valley

At A Creative Property Management, we have been happily serving the beautiful Orange County suburb of Fountain Valley since the very beginning. This growing commercial community is home to many hardworking individuals who have worked hard to make their property ownership dreams come into fruition. We consider it our duty to provide the best property service possible, and with the greatest experience in the industry. Whether you have an individual apartment to rent, a single-family home, or an HOA property, you can count on us at A Creative Property Management to make sure your Fountain Valley property is in the best possible hands. Please read on for a more in-depth look at our services and how we can best serve you.

A Creative Property Management’s Services

Marketing Your Residential Property – At A Creative Property Management, we are industry leaders in marketing and advertising your vacant property. Between our years of experience and our knowledge of industry trends, we will create a marketing plan to advertise your property to the best of its advantage. We will craft a custom webpage for your property, ensuring that it stands out, as well as thoroughly screen prospective tenants for their rental, employment and criminal backgrounds so that you never have to worry about your property falling into the wrong hands. With us at A Creative Property Management, we will work tirelessly to help make your investment work for you.

Managing Your Residential Property – In addition to advertising and marketing your property to find the best tenants, we can handle every aspect of the tenant/landlord relationship as well. We will collect rents and deposits, making it easy for both you and the tenant by providing a secure online portal for payments. Should the rent be overdue, we will make sure it is paid along with any late fees. We also set up an online portal for the tenant to inform us of any repairs that need to be made, as well as provide our 24/7 phone number for them to report any repair needs or other instances, to which we respond promptly. Our connections with local repairmen allows us access to the best maintenance work for the property, inside and out, for the lowest fees possible. Our financial experts will also prepare your 1099 tax forms and year-end financial statements, as well as disburse monthly statements for your records.

Marketing Your Apartment – One of the hardest things about finding a quality tenant for your property is advertising and marketing your vacant property. At A Creative Property Management, this is one of our fortes. We know Fountain Valley well, and know how to market your property to make it work to its best advantage, and advertise it to the most desirable candidates. Whether you have a vacant apartment complex or a single apartment to rent, we will find the best tenant for your property quickly, and help you set a rent value that best reflects both marketing trends and the property itself.

Managing Your Apartment – Like our services for managing a residential property, we do not stop at the marketing process for your apartment property, should you choose. We can also manage the property, making sure rents and deposits are collected on time, ensure that the property is being cared for by the tenant, take care of every aspect of maintenance and repairs, prepare your year-end tax statements, etc. At A Creative Property Management, we make life easy for both you the property owner, as well as the tenant.

HOA Property Management – If your property is part of a Home Owner Association, never fear, we at A Creative Property Management have tons of experience working within their particular rules, so that your property is always in compliance with the various bylaws. We will happily act as the go-between amongst the HOA board of directors and the tenant, protecting you and your property values every step of the way. We strive to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, in accordance with all rules and regulations. Our team will ensure that your property is maintained per HOA rules, and within stated budgets. It may be a delicate balance between keeping all parties happy in HOA circumstances, but we consider it our duty to make it happen.

Why Choose A Creative Property Management?

At A Creative Property Management, we let our experience and track record speak for itself, marketing and managing numerous properties across Fountain Valley. You have worked hard to become a property owner – let us do the rest for you! We take the guesswork and stress out of owning property, and our low fees make it an easy choice to select us as your property management team.

Our decades of experience and excellent service makes us the top choice for property management services in the greater Los Angeles area. Though we will be serving you in Fountain Valley, our office is just a short drive away in Huntington Beach, where you are invited to visit us for more information during regular business hours. You may also feel free to call us at your convenience at 714-881-5655. We look forward to working for you!


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