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Orange County is well-known for its thriving population and abundance of desirable communities and neighborhoods. With so many opportunities available, new and existing residents of the county frequently need housing options that meet their current and future plans. Not surprisingly, owners of residential investment properties are eager to respond to this need. Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) must also respond to the region’s growing and shifting population by establishing standards that protect the property value of homes in their jurisdiction.

In some cases, private property owners and HOAs are fully capable of handling all of the tasks required to keep their affairs in order. However, many owners and homeowners’ associations feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, or merely prefer to leave the hard work in the hands of experienced professionals. In Huntington Beach, the experts at A-Creative Property Management are the go-to resource for top-flight management services at a reasonable cost.

Residential Property Management Services

Residential property managers are dedicated to serving the needs of their property-owning clients. Since these needs vary, management companies typically provide a range of services. A fairly limited package of services may only include advertising for available rental property and the screening of potential tenants. A more comprehensive package may also include the multitude of duties that come with daily property oversight. In addition, some property owners ask management companies for supporting services such as the payment of any fees or taxes required by government bodies or neighborhood homeowners’ associations.

Levels of Service

A-Creative Property Management provides three levels of service for residential property management. Each level covers areas of critical importance to a specific group of investment property owners:

One-Time Service

If you only need to attract and screen prospective tenants for your residential rental property, our one-time service is for you. First, we’ll use both online and print outlets to advertise your property’s availability. When responses start coming in, we’ll use a multi-step screening process to make sure that any prospective tenants have the financial means, employment stability and crime and eviction-free backgrounds you need for peace of mind. In addition, we’ll make arrangements for property showings and conduct all onsite tours. Lease signing and daily management of your property will remain under your direct control.

Full-Service Property Management

Some property owners require continuing management services after finding suitable tenants. Our full-service package includes oversight of a broad range of tenant-related responsibilities, from signing of the lease and rent payment, to timely responses to important notifications such as lease infractions and rent changes. The package also covers a number of crucial services geared toward you as the property owner, including yearly inspections of your properties, worry-free settlement of monthly utility expenses, and regular reports on your property’s physical condition and financial status.

Premium Service Property Management

Some owners of investment properties require supplemental services that simplify their daily involvement even further. In addition to covering everything found in our full-service package, our premium package includes frequent requests such as monthly mortgage and property tax payments. It also includes payment of all fees required by local homeowners’ associations.

Residential Management Fees

At A-Creative Property Management, we base our residential property management fees on your required level of service. Rates start at 5.9% of your tenant’s yearly rent for our one-time service. We charge 6.9% of your tenant’s monthly rent for our full-service management package. If you require our premium services, costs rise slightly to 7.9% of your tenant’s monthly rent. We pride ourselves on providing some of the most cost-effective services in the State of California. In line with this philosophy, we never charge you for property that doesn’t have a current tenant.

HOA Management Services

Homeowners’ associations play an important role in our communities by doing such things as keeping public spaces well-maintained, requiring residents to agree to a set of enforceable property regulations, and taking steps to penalize those residents who fail to meet their contractual obligations. HOAs typically have a long list of responsibilities, and they must be exceptionally well-organized to fulfill those responsibilities on a regular basis. Some associations prefer a hands-on approach and rely strictly on in-house resources to accomplish their many goals. However, by preference or necessity, many HOAs turn to a professional management company to handle their daily affairs.

A-Creative Property Management supports homeowners’ associations throughout Orange County with a wide variety of essential management services. Our comprehensive approach includes coverage of all day-to-day maintenance issues, such as scheduled groundskeeping, the maintenance and repair of all community buildings and round-the-clock availability for emergency situations. In addition, we screen the credentials of all proposed third-party vendors, conduct regular visual inspections of all properties under HOA jurisdiction, and discreetly respond to covenant violations. At no extra cost, we also take steps to support the smooth function of your HOA’s monthly board meetings.

Huntington Beach’s Home for Top-Quality Property Management

Situated along the Pacific Coast in Orange County, Huntington Beach is famous all over the world as “Surf City,” with a year-round surfing scene along its 9.5 miles of public beachfront. First settled in the late 1700’s, the city received its official incorporation in 1909. Since that time, Huntington Beach has grown steadily and now serves as home to 200,000-plus residents. Employers in the diverse economy include aircraft manufacturers, surfwear and boardsport equipment manufacturers, oil extraction companies and a broad range of service-oriented businesses. Prominent local landmarks include Huntington State Beach, the International Surfing Museum, Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and Huntington Beach Pier.

A-Creative Property Management has called Huntington Beach home since first opening for business back in 1980. Over the following decades, we have proudly provided our services to private property owners and homeowners’ associations throughout the city, and throughout greater Orange County. In all cases, we rely on our intimate local knowledge to streamline the management process and obtain superior results at a cost well below average for our industry. Whether you require assistance with just one property or hundreds of homes within your community, we have the expertise you need to achieve positive outcomes and solidify your bottom line. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote for our services.


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