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A Creative Property Management is a full-service property management company serving Laguna Hills and many other Southern California communities. We got our start in 1980 and have proudly served Los Angeles and the surrounding areas ever since. Thanks to our years of experience, we have perfected the art of marketing, renting, and managing properties of all types and sizes. Our team has been managing Laguna Hills properties for many years, and we know the local market well.

About Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills is a fairly cozy community with a population of about 30,000. Its appeal to renters comes from the fact that it offers a small-town feel while remaining close to all to the action, including Laguna Beach and Laguna Canyon, as well as the major metropolis of Los Angeles. For young families, its quality schools are a major factor in choosing to call the city home. As such, it’s in high demand.

If you have a rental property in Laguna Hills, we can help manage and market it so that it stands out amongst the other properties in the city, enticing potential renters to call it home. To learn more about our approach, simply schedule a consultation. We will view your property, speak with you, and come up with the ideal plan for your property.

A Creative Property Management’s Services

No matter what type of property you own, we have the service you need to make it profitable for you. Below are just some of the services we offer.

Residential Property Rentals

Out of all the services we offer, this is our most popular one. With this service, the A Creative Property Management team works hard to market your rental property and vet the potential tenants interested in your property. Our goal is not just to fill the vacancies at your property, but to insure that you rent to quality tenants who will be reliable with payment and respectful of your property. We accomplish this through thorough background checks that look at both criminal and employment history.

Our marketing is all about playing up the best aspects of your property. In addition to looking at what already works, we will create a plan for upgrades, repairs, and additions that could net you greater profit in the long run. Your goals are our goals, and we work hard to realize them.

Residential Property Management

Most of our clients are looking for service beyond marketing and renting their property; they are also looking for management service, which the A Creative Property Management team is happy to provide. So, what all does our management service entail? In essence, we handle everything when it comes to payment, upkeep, and the needs of your tenants.

Payment Services: We are happy to tailor our payment services to your needs, handling as much or as little as you like. We can write up rental agreements, collect deposits and rent, charge late fees, and even handle the eviction process should a tenant stop paying. We even offer an online payment portal for convenience. And when tax time comes around, we can prepare all the documents you need to file.

Upkeep Services: Maintaining a rental property can be stressful, which is why many of our clients like us to take this work off their hands. We are happy to handle any upkeep service you need, including: landscaping, flipping units, electrical work, plumbing work, and more. We also offer periodic inspections of rental units to ensure that your tenants are treating your property well.

Tenant Needs: In addition to general upkeep, it is normal for tenants to require emergency services in their unit. Our team works with prescreened contractors who will take care of everything from plumbing emergencies to tenant lockouts. With A Creative Property Management on the job, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Homeowners’ Association Property Management

If you have a rental property that is part of a homeowners’ association, we can ensure that your rental agreement follows all rules established by the association and can ensure that your tenants are prepared to abide by them. We have experience managing HOA properties both large and small and have a very successful track record behind us. We are happy to act as the intermediary between the HOA board and your tenants, ensuring that any problems are quickly and easily resolved. This is not something that all property owners are comfortable with, but at A Creative Property Management, this is part of our daily duties.

Apartment Property Rental

Our apartment property rental services are very similar to those of our residential property rental services. The main difference is that we do everything on a larger scale, allowing us to meet the needs of all your tenants. No matter how large or small your complex is, we have the resources needed to market it, vet your renters, and complete the necessary walkthroughs.

Apartment Property Management

As part of our apartment property management services, we offer all the same services as we do for our residential property management. Our role is to be the buffer between you and your tenants, taking care of all the stressful aspects and allowing you to just sit back and collect the income your property earns you.

Why Choose a Creative Property Management?

In Laguna Hills, there are many property management companies you can choose from, so why choose us? We believe we are your best choice because we have been in the business for decades and approach each job with the goal of getting the best results for you. Your property is an investment, and it needs to work for you. We make that happen. No matter what services you need, we will create a custom package that is perfect for your property. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 714-881-5655 or stop by our nearby Huntington Beach headquarters. It is an honor to work with you.


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