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In Los Alamitos, many rental property owners and homeowners’ association members have a pressing need for help in managing their short-term or ongoing responsibilities. In some cases, this assistance may merely be a matter of convenience. However, in others, it may be the crucial difference between successful outcomes and the development of serious organizational, financial or legal problems.

When you absolutely must have verified property management excellence, call on the pros at A-Creative Property Management. Whatever the size of your property holdings or the scope of your neighborhood oversight, we specialize in timely assistance that lessens the demand on your time and other precious resources. And a customized approach makes it easy to control the scale of your involvement and management costs.

Residential Property Management

A residential property manager plays an important part in successful property ownership by tackling key responsibilities on the actual title holder’s behalf. As the owner, you can designate which specific duties a hired manager will carry out. If you wish, your management team can limit its services to the activities leading up the signing of tenant leases. You can also expand the scope of operations to include day-to-day oversight of your occupied property. In addition, you can go even farther and ask your residential property manager to handle tax payments and other essential offsite tasks. A competent provider will adjust to meet your needs and offer significant customization options.

Levels of Service

At A-Creative Property Management, our available services cover the full spectrum of property owner preferences. Just choose the approach that best fits your needs and we’ll customize our efforts accordingly.

One-Time Service: Our one-time service is a short-term offering that focuses on attracting qualified tenants to your vacant buildings or apartments. We begin with widespread local or regional advertising that makes potential occupants aware of your offerings. Once respondents begin making inquiries, we vet their suitability with a comprehensive screening procedure that targets areas of concern such as credit histories, criminal histories, employment status and previous involvement in eviction proceedings. As a final step, we will show your vacant property to applicants who meet your occupancy standards.

Full Service: At this level of service, our area of responsibility expands to include tenant lease signings and ongoing management of all tenant-side operations. Specific tasks we focus on include collection of monthly rent, delivery of all tenant-related notices (e.g., lease violations and changes in lease terms), and maintenance of a round-the-clock means of tenant/manager communication. The full-service package also covers non-tenant responsibilities such as scheduled inspections of your property and issuing of utility payments. Regular reporting keeps you completely informed about the goings-on at each of your rental locations.

Premium Service: Our premium package adds even more services and maximizes the streamlining of rental property ownership. At this level, you can expect us to take care of your scheduled mortgage payments and property tax payments. For property under the jurisdiction of a homeowners’ or property owners’ association, we’ll also take care of the payment of all related fees.

Residential Management Fees

Value plays an important part in effective rental property management. For this reason, we maintain a lean pricing structure that provides the help you need at a sensible price point. Here are the costs you can expect for each level of service we provide:

  • One-time service: 5.9% of the first-year rent of each tenant we draw to your property
  • Full service: 6.9% of the monthly rent of each tenant in the properties we manage
  • Premium service: 7.9% of the monthly rent of each tenant in the properties we manage

Bear in mind, our fee calculations never include buildings or apartments without current tenants.

Homeowners’ Association Management

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are formed by developers and community residents as a way to attract home buyers and promote beneficial, neighborhood-wide property values. They achieve these goals by establishing and enforcing rules that all residents of a given area officially agree to follow. HOAs also work toward their goals by hiring vendors to perform the many tasks needed to promote a safe and orderly neighborhood environment. To do their jobs effectively, the members of homeowners’ associations must possess considerable resources in the form of time, commitment and organizational skill. If they lack these resources, they can turn to an HOA management company capable of providing all needed support.

A-Creative Property Management acts as a full-service HOA manager for Los Alamitos and other Orange County locations. On your behalf, we can take care of the entire process of tracking CC&R (covenants, conditions and restrictions) violations and following up with any required enforcement efforts. We can also:

  • Screen and hire vendors for tasks such as groundskeeping, trash collecting and public building maintenance
  • Act as a liaison for all resident concerns and complaints
  • Oversee regular property inspections, and
  • Maintain round-the-clock communications for neighborhood emergencies

In addition, we can provide the detailed organizational support required to keep accurate HOA records and conduct scheduled and emergency meetings.

Los Alamitos’ Source for the Best in Property Management

Many people naturally associate the City of Los Alamitos with the famous Los Alamitos Race Course. However, this well-known attraction is actually located a short distance across the municipal boundary of the adjacent City of Cypress. Still, the Orange County community of 11,000-plus does serve as the home of the USA Water Polo National Aquatic Center and the military’s Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base. In addition, the neighboring, unincorporated area of Rossmoor shares Los Alamitos’ postal address. Landmarks situated a short drive from the city include El Dorado East Regional Park, Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge and Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park.

Better Business Bureau-accredited A-Creative Property Management is based south of Los Alamitos in the City of Huntington Beach. 30-plus decades of continuous operation have provided us with unparalleled knowledge of the needs of Orange County’s rental property owners and homeowners’ associations. Every day, we translate this knowledge into targeted, effective services suitable for all requirements and preferences. Whether you need extensive assistance or just want help with a limited number of tasks, you’ll find that our detailed, conscientious approach fits the bill without overtaxing your available financial resources. For a free services quote and more information on the many ways we can assist you, call today.


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