If you are a property manager, then you are undoubtedly familiar with how the summer brings specific challenges to your property. It also provides unique opportunities for you to perform maintenance. The following is a comprehensive list that will identify all areas of concern for most rental properties and condominiums. Ideally, you would use it to generate a checklist that is unique to your property.

Before reviewing our list, we strongly urge you to take notes every day as you walk the grounds of your facility. Every property has unique challenges and remembering exactly where and what they are is going to be vital for prioritizing projects. With the most urgent situations handled, your renters will hold you in high regard, and be more likely to extend their lease.

Areas of Concern

Deck Furniture, Grills, Decks, Playground Equipment

Cleaning, repairing, and replacing these features will abate mold growth, protect them for future use, and ensure that the tenants will enjoy them. Treating decks with weatherproofing will extend their life. Make sure your grills have sufficient propane. Organize Outdoor Areas to make them appealing and functional.

Clean/Maintain Pools & Hot Tubs

Testing chlorine levels, changing filters, and cleaning pools help prevent problems and the need for servicing.

Landscaping and Planting

Servicing Landscaping Equipment, making sure that your flora conforms to property’s aesthetic, and keeping your grounds free from weeds, leaves, and other problems. Check stone and concrete walkways for cracks and other issues; fix them as needed.

Sprinkler/Irrigation System

Upgrades on your irrigation system can save you a lot of money on water, and help you get water to all of the plants in your yard.

Prepare for Fire Season

Remove anything from your property that is likely to catch on fire quickly, whether it is dried vegetation, chemicals, or other materials. You can also put measures in place along the perimeter of your property to shield it from a brush fire. Also, make sure that all of the smoke alarms on the property are working correctly and have fresh batteries.

Service HVAC and other Heating/AC systems

In addition to checking the compressors, coils, ducts, exhaust fans, hoods, and other features, you can check each unit for leaves and other debris, or potential hazards (tree branches that may fall, or bird, for example). Check replaceable parts such as air filters to ensure air quality for your residents.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Although more of a concern in the fall, gutters can develop clogs any time of year, and maintaining them ensures the proper flow of water from rooftops.

Maintain Roof and Chimneys

Address damaged tiles or other problems as needed. You will have to replace the entire roof every 20-40 years, depending on the quality of the roof you currently have. Chimneys require occasional cleaning and maintenance.


The fewer cracks your apartments have, the more efficiently they retain heat and cold air, and the less chance there is of water damage. Look for areas that require a fresh seal and seal them.

Pest Control

There are so many kinds of pests that can find themselves inside of an apartment complex, for a variety of reasons. A company rep trained to identify each type of unwanted critter will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment. Rats, roaches, moles, ants, termites, and bees are but a few species found in commercial housing facilities.


Check the deadbolt, locks, and windows on each unit to make sure that they are secure. Also evaluate the outdoor features (like fences, gates, and cameras) to see if you need repairs or an upgrade.

Cleaning Exteriors and Windows

Power washing concrete sidewalks, walls, and siding preserve the appearance of your property, as will washing windows, mopping floors, and cleaning other outdoor areas.

Interior and Exterior Painting.

Replace Bathroom Tiles and Flooring

Service Appliances. Laundry equipment, ceiling fans, water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, and cooking equipment all have useful lives and require servicing. If under warranty, then this part should be as simple as scheduling maintenance.


This is tricky because some areas require a trained professional. Outside of routine repairs, you should have an expert check over your property occasionally to look for serious problems, such as slab leaks, hidden water damage, or other trouble.

Electrical Systems

Stay safe, and protect your residents. Leave difficult issues to the professionals.


Going solar can save your entire complex a lot of money, even in the short term. However, do your homework; many companies fail to provide excellent value. Once your vendor completes the installation, follow your maintenance contract precisely.

Install Doorstops

Clean and Maintain Garages, Garage Doors, and Garage Door Openers.

Lightning and Tree Protection. Your property can benefit from grounding wires, mainly if it is in an area vulnerable to electrical storms. Call a tree or lightning protection service to learn how it works.