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Mission Viejo is a lovely community perfect for making a real estate investment. Known for its proximity to many natural features such as the Santa Ana Mountains, regional parks and national reserves, Mission Viejo is an attractive city to live in. The city is also known for its large, manmade lake which is an important highlight in town. Residents of Mission Viejo enjoy access to two beaches along the lake and fishing, as the lake is stocked regularly. Purchasing property in this highly organized, beautiful city can be a wonderful investment, but it comes with plenty of responsibilities. If you want to keep your property in great shape and full of happy tenants without the hassles and stress, A Creative Property Management can help.

Our Orange County based property and tenant management company has been helping property owners take care of their properties since we opened our doors in 1980. For property owners in the Mission Viejo area, it can be difficult to find responsible and trustworthy tenants. Perhaps you’ve put an ad in the paper or online, but you still struggle to fill empty apartments or houses at times. Keeping your property filled with ideal tenants can be a challenge that requires your time, some experience and even money to advertise vacancies. What’s more is you must also invest time and money in maintenance and repairs. Getting quotes from contractors, choosing the best option and managing results is another large task property owner’s face. A Creative Property Management helps you with both of these struggles, specializing in tenant screenings, marketing and tenant placement, routine repairs, landscaping and renovation projects. Allow us to help you with all of your property management needs while still ensuring you meet your financial goals.

How We Work

At A Creative Property Management, we don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. We know that each client is unique with their own agenda and goals for their property. We sit down with you to discuss a customized portfolio of services that will make your life easier. For Mission Viejo property owners interested in our residential property management services, we take the time to discuss your needs, goals and desires so that we can provide the exact services and help you need. Whether you need assistance with taxes, landscaping or tenant placement, we can develop a plan that caters to your unique, individual needs. If you prefer, we can even perform one-time assistance services such as filling your apartment complex with tenants. Or, alternatively, we can provide on-going property management including repairs, rent collection and more.

Our fees are determined based on the services you’ll require. Once we’ve determined the services that will be required, we’ll put together a proposal for you, including an estimate. At A Creative Property Management, we are committed to helping your property investment achieve success. For this reason, we keep our fees reasonable and don’t charge you a tenant finding fee until your Mission Viejo area property has been rented.

By linking our success to yours, you can rest assured that we’ll work hard to find the best tenants using excellent marketing techniques and screening processes. We search until we find tenants willing to pay the rates your property can command so that you can make the most of profits. And remember, in all of our property care services including maintenance and upkeep, we will care for your property as if it were our own.

How are we able to do this?

Our Experience with Contractors

Over our many years of experience, A-Creative Property Management has gained an impressive list of contacts featuring the best value for money contractors. Using our contacts and established networks, we are able to provide impeccable service for your Mission Viejo area property. We’ve taken the time to try and test a variety of contractors for a wide range of maintenance needs commonly needed in property management. That’s why we know exactly who to call for each unique problem, whether small carpentry repairs are needed, a plumbing overhaul is in order or electrical work needs to be done. What’s more is that due to our high volume of business, we are able to offer some of the lowest rates in town. Due to our experience working with skilled tradespeople, we have created valuable relationships, and we pass off the benefits to you!

Marketing Know How

We have experienced professional marketing teams who are experts at highlighting the advantages of your Mission Viejo area property. They know who to target and how to grab their attention so that we are able to achieve the best going rental rates for the area and property type. Rest assured that we’re experienced with many different building types including condos, single family homes, duplexes and even apartment buildings.

Don’t worry about any part of the marketing process. We’ll take care of everything from seeking leads to showing your property to potential tenants, screening and signing. We use a streamlined process that we’ve developed over the years which allows us to sign tenants quickly and easily. We understand that protecting your investment is of utmost importance, which is why we include thorough tenant screening in our process. This ensures that your tenants will be responsible and that payments will come in on time.

Accounting Expertise

Don’t want to handle cash? We can easily modify our help to consolidate financial services into one easy step on your end. We’ll collect rent, subtract any payments for our services including payments to third parties such as contractors, and even file your property tax forms. This streamlined process takes the stress out of property management. Through our transparent statements, you can easily keep tabs on what’s going on, but avoid keeping track of payments and income throughout the month.

Great Customer Service

Finally, A Creative Property Management combines professional knowledge and expertise with the highest quality customer service. During your time working with us, our staff will provide excellent communication regarding everything related to our services. If you call to ask a question, our response will be quick and complete. We make ourselves available via phone or email at your convenience. Rest assured that we keep you in the loop regarding all decisions and changes to your property, including the smallest repairs. If you prefer to take a backseat to small decisions, we can make an agreement regarding what you should be consulted on so that you can avoid any unwanted interruptions in your busy life.

Remove the stress and anxiety from managing your Mission Viejo property investment and start enjoying the fruits. We’ll take care of the tedious, time consuming tasks related to your property management, giving you the freedom and energy you need to live your life to the fullest. With A Creative Property Management on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands and rented by high quality tenants. For more information and to discuss the specifics of your very own property management plan, call A Creative Property Management today.


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