In the prosperous and thriving City of Santa Ana, rental property owners face a wide array of ongoing tasks if they want to keep their vacancies filled and manage their holdings effectively. Members of homeowners’ associations also face significant ongoing pressures in their attempts to maintain desirable conditions in neighborhoods under their administration. Rather than cope with their responsibilities on their own, Santa Ana’s property owners and homeowners’ associations can call on the verified expertise of A-Creative Property Management. We specialize in a custom approach that allows you to keep your costs low and focus solely on your needed services. With options to fit every approach to ownership and management, we never forget that our success is measured by your lowered stress levels and ongoing satisfaction.

Residential Property Management

Residential property managers can play a vital role in your rental property ownership by taking over at least some of the responsibilities that come with an ownership role. The amount of responsibility you wish to cede is typically up to you. You may simply want to delegate such tasks as advertising your vacancies and attracting likely tenants. Or you may want to relinquish the handling of all the onsite tasks required for effective daily management. In addition, you can take the further step of having a management company handle critical offsite tasks that keep your property in compliance with local tax and fee requirements.

Levels of Service

At A-Creative Property Management, we offer packages that cover the entire range of desired management services. Just choose the package that matches your preferred approach to rental property ownership.

One-Time Service: Our one-time management service is designed to cover all of the tasks leading up to lease signing by your new tenants. It includes effective advertising through print and online outlets. It also covers a comprehensive screening of all ad respondents that includes criminal background checks, eviction histories, credit checks and confirmation of employment status. Our one-time service concludes with the scheduling and oversight of all property showings for qualifying candidates.

Full Service: Our full-service package expands on our one-time service with a complete slate of onsite management tasks. We begin with the official signing of tenant leases. Thereafter, we assume responsibility for ongoing duties such as rent collection and notification and enforcement of lease infractions. We also assume responsibility for monthly payment of all property utility fees and the completion of annual property inspections. A detailed, regularly scheduled report keeps you abreast of the physical and financial condition of your rental holdings at all times.

Premium Service: Our premium service covers all of the responsibilities included in our one-time service and full-service package. In addition, it covers vital offsite management tasks that help you meet your official obligations as a rental property owner. Specific tasks available to you at this level include payment of your mortgage, payment of your property taxes and payment of any fees owed for property under the domain of a homeowners’ association.

Residential Management Fees

At A-Creative Property Management, we’re aware that even the best management services only make sense when they come at a reasonable price point. In line with this guiding philosophy, we charge just 5.9% of the first year’s rent for each tenant we draw to your vacant properties through our one-time service. Receipt of our full-service package will run you a slightly higher 6.9% of the monthly rent during each tenant’s residency. Addition of our premium services increases your costs to just 7.9% of the monthly rent during the residency period. At no time will we ever attempt to charge you for properties not currently occupied.

Homeowners’ Association Management

Homeowners’ associations (known commonly as HOAs) help ensure the health of the region’s communities by preserving the property value of neighborhoods that fall under their jurisdiction. There are three main tools used to achieve this goal: the creation of deed restrictions for property owners, reliable enforcement of those restrictions and reliable upkeep of playgrounds, esplanades and other pieces of land designated for common use. In order to use these tools effectively, HOAs must operate smoothly. Some associations have no trouble maintaining an effective organization on their own. However, others decide to seek help from third-party professionals who can take over a variety of critical tasks.

A-Creative Property Management provides homeowners’ associations in Santa Ana and surrounding Orange County communities with the region’s most flexible and efficient third-party management services. These services are completely scalable to your organization’s needs. If you prefer, we can just take responsibilities for deed-related matters or the maintenance of public spaces. However, we can also assist you with everything from the screening of contractors and vendors to the provision of an emergency response communications system. In addition, we’re experts at providing the support needed to ensure the smooth operation of your HOA’s periodic board meetings.

Santa Ana’s Number One Source for Property Management Services

With a population of more than 330,000, Santa Ana is Orange County’s seat of government and second largest city. Only three other major cities in the entire U.S. have a higher population density. The city shares its name with several of Southern California’s most well-known locations and features (e.g., the Santa Ana Freeway and the Santa Ana Mountains), as well as the famous seasonal Santa Ana winds. Visitors and area residents have ready access to some of Orange County’s most prominent attractions, including Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland. The city also boasts a wealth of parks and local venues for art and entertainment.

A-Creative Property Management provides services for Santa Ana and all of Orange County from our home base in seaside Huntington Beach. Since our founding more than three decades ago, we’ve supplied Better Business Bureau-accredited assistance to everyone from single-building property owners to homeowners’ associations responsible for multiple neighborhoods. We credit our continuing success to two factors: extensive knowledge of the needs of our region’s communities and an unflagging commitment to cost-effective services that never fail to combine efficiency and value. No matter the scope of your needs, we’ll help you keep things running smoothly in an ever-changing world. Contact us today for additional information and a free quote on customized services that fit your current and future needs.


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