In the City of Stanton and all of populous Orange County, rental property owners and homeowners’ associations face numerous pressing responsibilities that can place a serious strain on their time and resources. Instead of facing these responsibilities alone, turn to the management experts at A-Creative Property Management. With decades of experience and the region’s most flexible, cost-conscious slate of services, we act as your trusted agent in the completion of the key tasks that keep your rental properties full and prosperous, and keep your HOA running at peak efficiency. Choose just the services you need to fit your management style and ease your day-to-day burden.

Residential Property Management

When you hire a manager for your residential property, you transfer at least some of the responsibilities of property ownership to a third party. Generally speaking, you can tailor the number of duties you delegate according to your needs. For example, you may want to do nothing more than find someone who can advertise your vacant properties and show them to well-qualified tenants. On the other hand, you may want to hire someone who can cover all aspects of onsite management. You can go even further by hiring someone who can also take care of important offsite ownership tasks such as the payment of fees and taxes.

Levels of Service

A-Creative Property Management offers you the full range of residential property management flexibility. Just match one of our three levels of service to your desired ownership style.

One-Time Service: At this level of service, we focus our initial efforts on two key tasks. First, we run print and online advertisements designed to entice prospective tenants. When potential renters begin to show interest, we switch over to an in-depth screening procedure that thoroughly covers critical areas such as criminal and eviction-related background checks, current credit standing and verification of employment. In the third phase of this service, we schedule and conduct property showings for each prospect who meets your screening criteria.

Full Service: Once you have a pool of suitable tenants for your property, you may not have the time or inclination to focus on day-to-day management tasks such as lease signings, rent collection or lease infraction enforcement. In addition, you may want to delegate other onsite tasks, including yearly inspections and payment of property utilities. Our full-service property management package covers all of these areas and lets you focus on offsite ownership tasks. Regular reporting keeps you up-to-date on all physical and financial aspects of your rental property.

Premium Service: Our premium package is intended for owners who want to combine comprehensive onsite management services with comprehensive offsite management services. It includes everything offered in our full-service package. In addition, you’ll be able to delegate your property tax payments, mortgage payments and, wherever applicable, payment of the fees charged by HOAs (homeowners’ associations) with jurisdiction over your property.

Residential Management Fees

Property management services are only truly valuable when they come at a cost-effective price. At A-Creative, we help you keep your expenses streamlined with a one-time service fee of just 5.9% of the first-year rent for each tenant we bring to your property. With the addition of our full-time services, your fees rise only slightly to 6.9% of each tenant’s monthly rent. Use of our premium services adds only another 1% of monthly rental income to your costs. You’ll find that our fees are extremely competitive. What’s more, we will never bill you for any listing in your property portfolio that doesn’t have a current occupant.

Homeowners’ Association Management

Homeowners’ associations, commonly referred to as HOAs, can play an important role in local real estate markets by taking measures to protect the property value of area neighborhoods. The core elements of this protection are typically deed restrictions backed by financial penalties for noncompliance. HOAs also keep property values stable by properly maintaining public spaces (e.g., playgrounds and esplanades) in neighborhoods under their jurisdiction. To effectively carry out these important tasks, a homeowners’ association must have the benefit of solid organization and the ability to adapt to changing or unexpected circumstances. Some HOAs fare well on their own. However, others choose to seek a qualified third party to take responsibility for at least some critical functions.

A-Creative Property Management specializes in comprehensive homeowners’ association services for Stanton and all other Orange County communities. Just choose the services you need to keep your organization running smoothly. For example, if you like, we can focus on such core tasks as deed restriction enforcement and the regular upkeep of your neighborhoods’ common spaces. We can also take care of your HOA’s response to emergency situations and screen vendors who wish to work under your jurisdiction. We can also enhance your organizational capacity with comprehensive support for your association’s regularly scheduled board meetings.

Stanton’s Number One Source for Property Management Services

Stanton is a small Orange County municipality with 38,000-plus inhabitants and a total area of just over three square miles. Incorporated in the 1950s, the city owes its birth to the regional development of greater Los Angeles’ railway system in the early part of the 20th century. Due to its size, Stanton contracts out most of its municipal services to larger Orange County agencies. The city serves as home to Adventure City children’s amusement park. Other area attractions include Knott’s Berry Farm (in nearby Buena Park) and Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure (in neighboring Anaheim).

A-Creative Property Management is based south of Stanton in the City of Costa Mesa. With more than 30 years of service to Orange County’s rental property owners and homeowners’ associations, we’ve gained a sterling reputation for top-quality services that never fail to keep costs in line. Every day, we back this reputation with Better Business Bureau accreditation and the seal of approval from the California Association of Realtors and other prominent organizations. We also back it with deep knowledge of our local community and an enduring commitment to your satisfaction. Whether your responsibilities include a single small rental property or multiple neighborhoods, you’ll find the services you need to ease the burdens of oversight and ownership. For more information and a free quote for your custom requirements, call us today.


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