At A-Creative Property Management in Huntington Beach, we treat your rental property as though it is our own. We focus on providing worry free property management for all kinds of properties including apartment complexes, single family homes, condominiums, and single apartments. With our apartment property management services, we handle all the day-to-day landlord/tenant communication, as well as the accounting and legal details for you.

With our apartment rental management services, you can lease or rent your Huntington Beach or Orange County apartment worry-free no matter where you live or travel. A-Creative Property Management is one of the top management companies in Southern California. We serve apartment owners from across the U.S. and overseas and take care of all your local needs for you. We’re located here in Huntington Beach and are here for you whether you live nearby or in another area. Our friendly staff is always happy to help clients and renters from a wide variety of locations.

About Us

We are one of Orange County’s most reliable property management services. Our professional staff has local experience and understands the market and the needs of apartment owners and tenants. Whether your property is a small mother-in-law unit, near the beach, or a unit in a large central complex, we’re here to serve you. Our team of professional managers and contractors handle everything for you, from Rental Agreements to Renovations.

Apartment Property Management Services

Knowledgeable Apartment Management Team

When you work with A-Creative Property Management, we assign your property to a team with experience in your property’s area. We provide the knowledge and expertise you need to protect your property and realize the full value of your investment. Our managers analyze local market trends to ensure you get the best rental price for your unit.

We use our industry-specific expertise and understanding of local laws and procedures to make renters feel secure and to protect owners. We handle all of the landlord/tenant interactions for you, from rental agreements to maintenance requests. We make it easy for both owners and tenants by providing simple online maintenance requests and convenient online rent payments.

Expert Apartment Rental Advertising and Marketing

A-Creative Property Management ensures apartments are rented quickly. With extensive local and international advertising, we find quality tenants fast. We aggressively market properties on the web and locally so they get the widest possible exposure.

We post available rentals on Orange County’s top rental sites and well-trafficked web listings so your property will get the widest possible exposure. To attract local renters, we post a sign on the property. We give tenants ample opportunities to tour your apartment by conducting property showings 7 days a week.

Complete Rental Application Screening

A-Creative Property Management screens tenants so you get the best available renters for your apartment. Our thorough screening process includes industry-specific credit reports, rental history, and income and employment verification. We also search nationwide eviction databases to ensure tenants haven’t been evicted before.

We want to place quality tenants in every apartment so we do more than run credit and background checks. We also confirm an applicant’s information and identity by verifying their pay stubs, social security cards, and driver’s licenses. For added security, we also talk to the prospective renter’s previous landlords to ensure they have been good renters in the past.

Rental Property Improvements and Maintenance

We make and keep apartments rental-ready so you don’t need to worry about maintenance matters. Our diligent staff protects your property as though it is their own. To ensure all properties are rented and vacated in good condition, we perform inspections every time a tenant moves out or moves in and provide a report to you.

We help our clients whether you just want to maintain your apartment’s current condition or you want to make improvements so you can get top rental rates. We understand what features local tenants are seeking and can recommend improvements to your property that will attract and keep quality renters. We can help you with simple updates or extensive remodeling. We have a list of trusted vendors who can do the work for you, or we can work with any vendor of your choice.

Full-Service Accounting for Apartment Rental Properties

A-Creative Property Management has experience handling all the accounting details. We collect security/damage deposits of our clients and track all monthly financial activity. We also pay any utilities that you are responsible for and pay for any required maintenance on your behalf.

With A-Creative Property Management, you always have the accounting information you need, exactly when you need it. If you have questions, you can reach our helpful accountant by phone or email. We also post monthly statements on a convenient web portal for you. Each statement includes year-to-date summary information so your yearly and quarterly financial figures are right there when you need them for all your tax and other accounting purposes.

24-Hour Rental Property Services

We provide 24-hour emergency services to all of our tenants so they call us instead of you in the event that your apartment requires emergency repair or maintenance. Our team responds promptly and ensures a trusted vendor fixes the issue right away. We have established relationships with trusted contractors and assign any repair work to professionals who have been thoroughly screened and who have a positive history with us. If you prefer to use your own vendor, we can also do that.

Our Apartment Property Management Services at a Glance

  • Professional Advertising and Marketing
  • Trusted Managers with Local Expertise
  • Thorough Renter Screening and Convenient Rental Application Process
  • Preparation and Execution of all Rental Contracts, Addendums, and Agreements
  • Monthly Reporting and Distribution of Owner’s Funds
  • Rental Damage/Security Deposit Collection and Trust Account Retention
  • Routine and Special Property Inspections
  • Expert Remodeling Advice and Services
  • Legal Action, Delinquency Notices, and Eviction and Court Order Services
  • Routine Maintenance and Repair
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Contractors and Vendors
  • Gardening and Landscaping
  • Long-term and One-time Rental Services
  • Year-End Financial Reporting and 1099 Form Preparation
  • 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance and Repair Services

Communities We Offer Apartment Management

Our apartment management services are available anywhere in Orange County from Brea to San Clemente and Seal Beach to Lake Forest. We also serve some nearby communities in neighboring counties.

For worry-free apartment management services, Choose A-Creative Property Management. To get started, request a quote or schedule a free no-obligation appointment.


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Sharon and her staff have gone out of their way to help me as a homeowner, and as an elected HOA director. I have worked with her when I rented my condo out also. She organized all the paint and repairs in time for my new renter. She is patient, polite and intelligent. No doubt I would recommend her for your property management needs. She gets the contractor bids, she keeps an eye on the bottom line because she knows it’s your dollars. Her company is very popular- satisfied customers don’t think twice about anything. They can get on with their lives when she is handling the property.

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