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Every day, rental property owners and homeowners’ associations in Garden Grove face the pressure of meeting their ongoing responsibilities in a manner that truly supports their plans and goals. When success is on the line, turn to the trusted professionals at A-Creative Property Management. We specialize in providing you with customized solutions that allow you to support your time-critical needs without straining your budget or pushing past your comfort zone. There’s no need to take on the world alone when you have Orange County’s experts in your corner.

Residential Property Management Services

Successful ownership of residential rental property inevitably comes with a wide range of onsite and offsite obligations. While you may have the time and inclination to meet these obligations on your own, you may choose instead to work with a professional property manager. This approach gives you the advantage of determining the amount of involvement you have on a daily basis. Some owners opt to take care of everything except for the identification of suitable tenants. At the other end of the spectrum, some owners prefer to leave all phases of the management process in professional hands. The best management companies offer just the level of help you require without burdening you with unwanted, unnecessary or excessively expensive services.

Levels of Service

At A-Creative Property Management, we’ve developed a three-tiered approach that easily allows you to adjust your services, as well as your costs. Each level of service comes with its own valuable elements of management support:

One-Time Service: Our one-time service is designed for property owners who want to retain control of daily management tasks, but have no interest in identifying tenants and conducting property showings. We take care of all phases of vacancy advertising, as well as the submission of tenant applications. As part of the application process, we carry out detailed screenings that address every issue of potential concern, including credit histories, criminal histories, employment verification and any records of earlier involvement in eviction proceedings. We follow up by scheduling appointments for your qualified prospects and showing your property as required.

Full Service: Our full level of service is designed for property owners who want to retain offsite control of their property, but prefer to delegate their onsite management responsibilities. Core tenant-related features of this package include lease signings, collection of monthly rental fees and tenant notifications for such things as rent increases, lease violations and evictions. We also maintain a 24/7 channel of communication for tenant concerns and emergencies. Additional onsite issues we address include planning for property inspections, oversight of utility use and utility payment. All property owners receive thorough monthly reports that keep them well-informed on the status of their rental units.

Premium Service: Our premium services extend our focus to the management of offsite property ownership responsibilities. The most frequently requested tasks at this level include the administration of property tax payments and the administration of any outstanding mortgage payments. Owners with property under the jurisdiction of homeowners’ associations can also arrange administration of their HOA fee payments.

Residential Management Fees

Affordability is naturally an important consideration for residential property management. At A-Creative, we help keep your costs down by indexing our fees to your level of service and your current tenant base. Your fee for our one-time service is just 5.9% of the one-year rent you receive from the tenants we draw to your property. Clients who choose our full-service package pay a 6.9% charge on the month-to-month rent of all current tenants, while clients who opt for our premium package pay a 7.9% charge on the month-to-month rent of the current tenant base. Empty units on your property never factor into our fee calculations.

Homeowners’ Association Management

Homeowners’ associations (HOA) are quite common in the prosperous residential districts of Orange County. That’s because, by establishing and maintaining a common standard of maintenance and upkeep, they help solidify neighborhood attractiveness, cohesion and property value. Methods used to achieve these highly desirable goals include oversight of the deed restriction process, assessment of resident compliance and the timely issuing of any required warnings and penalties for deed breaches. The list of equally important HOA tasks includes public accommodation maintenance and repair, as well as the provision of adequate public safety resources.

With their varying responsibilities, homeowners’ associations typically have their hands full. In Garden Grove, A-Creative takes the stress out of effective HOA management by providing a comprehensive slate of relevant, professional services. Our experts can handle all phases of deed restriction enforcement, from periodic property inspection and the issuing of required notices to billing for outstanding deed violations. We can also help you establish and sustain an efficient process for handling routine maintenance and tackling emergency repairs. In addition, you can use our HOA services as the backbone for your in-house administration and communications.

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Situated in northern Orange County near the cities of Anaheim, Orange and Long Beach, Garden Grove is a thriving community of 170,000-plus. The city is known for its distinctive borders, which help define its western section, informally named West Garden Grove. The list of popular attractions located in the Garden Grove area includes Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Knott’s Berry Farm and Adventure City. The city also lies just northeast of the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge and just a short drive east of California State University Long Beach.

Better Business Bureau-accredited A-Creative Property Management is conveniently located in Huntington Beach just a few miles south of Garden Grove. Since opening for business in the 1980s, we’ve specialized in meeting the specific needs of rental property owners and homeowners’ associations in greater Orange County. This focus on local concerns makes it possible for us to provide just the types of services you need to survive in our thriving, competitive real estate market. Whether you’re looking to attract quality renters, searching for the simplest way to keep your properties running smoothly or seeking to protect neighborhood property value, we know what it takes to create your ideal solution. Contact us today for your consultation and free quote.


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