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In the City of Laguna Woods, turn to the experts at A-Creative Property Management for customized property management services that suit your short-term needs and long-term objectives. Whether you own a single building or property, or have holdings that stretch across multiple sites, you’ll find it easy to match your level of daily involvement to your preferences. And if you need help running a homeowners’ association, you’ll get the critical assistance you need to achieve your goals without exceeding your available time or level of organizational skill.

Residential Property Management

Residential property managers provide an important service by assuming some, most or all of the operating responsibilities of the legal owners of a piece of rental property. The specifics of this service can vary widely from case to case. At the low end, a manager may only help attract tenants for vacant units or buildings. At the high end, a manager can take on the full range of on-site duties for a single property or multiple locations. In addition, a residential property management company may offer a range of off-site services that greatly simplify the to-do lists of property owners. The choice of potential options can typically be tailored to suit each individual owner’s needs.

Levels of Service

A-Creative Property Management gives you the freedom to set the residential management services you receive at one of three tiered levels. Each of these levels provides important benefits for groups of property owners with distinct needs:

One-Time Service: This level of service is geared toward helping you identify tenants qualified to rent your apartments or other housing units. You retain control over all other aspects of management. Our work begins with online and print advertising highlighting the features of your property. After the responses start to roll in, we continue with a comprehensive screening process that includes essentials such as credit reports, background checks for previous evictions and criminal histories, and employment verification. Only after completing this process will we arrange and conduct showings for vetted applicants.

Full Service: After the screening process and property showings are complete, some owners prefer to delegate responsibility for such ongoing activities as lease signings and the collection of monthly rent. In these circumstances, our full level of service is the perfect option. Additional tenant-side services provided at this level include the presentation of important notices (e.g., lease violations and rent increases) and maintenance of a round-the-clock answering service. We also include key owner-side services such as scheduled property inspections, tracking and payment of the utility costs for each managed property and detailed monthly status reports for each managed property.

Premium Service: Our premium level of service allows owners to delegate even more property management responsibilities. The additional tasks included here are all owner-side. They include property tax payments, property mortgage payments and the payment of any fees required by homeowners’ associations with jurisdiction over a property location.

Residential Management Fees

At A-Creative Property Management, we scale the amount of your residential management fees to your specific level of service. Property owners who choose our one-time service pay 5.9% of each vetted tenant’s first-year rent. Owners who choose our full-service management package pay a modestly increased 6.9% of the rent assessed to tenants. Owners who choose our premium level of service pay 7.9% of the rent assessed to tenants. We never charge for units that don’t currently have a tenant in residence, so you don’t have to worry about an artificially inflated bill.

Homeowners’ Association Management

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are found in private subdivisions, planned communities and apartment complexes across America. They play an important role by maintaining standards that can stabilize or even enhance local property value. Specific acts taken by HOAs typically include such things as setting and enforcing restrictions on the uses of property, determining and issuing penalties for restriction infractions, and preserving the condition of public-use spaces (e.g. playgrounds, pools, esplanades and open areas). Unless they’re well organized, homeowners’ associations may lack the cohesion and flexibility needed to carry out their appointed duties. For this reason, some HOAs turn to a professional management team instead of trying to cover all of their responsibilities on their own.

In Laguna Woods and other communities throughout Orange County, A-Creative Property Management offers comprehensive management services for HOAs. Available property-related services include inspections, identification of restriction violations and the issuing of any required penalties. Available physical upkeep-related services include groundskeeping for all common areas, the maintenance and repair of community buildings and facilities, and 24/7 handling of both routine procedures and emergencies. We also screen the credentials of all proposed vendors and offer a range of services that help you efficiently conduct homeowners’ association board meetings.

The Source for Property Management Services in Laguna Woods

Incorporated in the late 1990s, Laguna Woods is located inland from Orange County’s Pacific coastline near the municipalities of Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach and Aliso Viejo. A large retirement community forms a significant portion of the city, although other neighborhoods also exist. Laguna Woods borders the site of the still-developing Orange County Great Park. Residents and visitors also enjoy easy access to a number of other prominent area attractions and recreation destinations, including the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Aliso Beach County State Park and the Soka Performing Arts Center in nearby Aliso Viejo, and the Festival of the Whales and Tall Ships Festival in nearby Dana Point.

A-Creative Property Management is located just up the coast from Laguna Woods in Huntington Beach. For more than three decades, we’ve provided the very best in management services for the owners of all kinds of residential rental property, as well as for the region’s many homeowners’ associations. Since we’re locally based, we thoroughly understand the demands of property management in Orange County. We also know what it takes to address the unique needs of properties of all sizes, from small, single-site holdings all the way up to the largest neighborhoods. Whether you need just a little assistance or a complete management package, you’ll always find us ready to work hard on your behalf and maximize the value of the benefits you receive. For additional information and a free quote, contact us today.


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