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In the City of Irvine, owners of rental property and the members of homeowners’ associations call on A-Creative Property Management for the best in reliable, affordable management assistance. If you’re an owner, use our multi-tiered residential services to take on as much or as little day-to-day responsibility as you want. And if you have responsibility for a homeowners’ association, you can count on us in the boardroom and on the ground in your community or neighborhood. With our emphasis on flexibility, you’ll never need to worry about tackling critical tasks alone.

Residential Property Management Services

By taking on the responsibilities that would otherwise fall on rental property owners, residential managers play an important role in easing the time commitments and logistical burdens of ownership. When managers provide a broad range of services, owners can determine the extent of their daily involvement to a high degree. If you like, a property manager may do nothing more than find and attract suitable tenants. However, he or she may also handle a much larger number of both tenant-related and ownership-related tasks. Some of these tasks may involve off-site services, as well as onsite services. As a rule, top-quality residential management companies give owners the leeway to choose which options to include in a management package.

Levels of Service

At A-Creative Property Management, we use a tiered service format to address the needs of both hands-on and hands-off rental property owners. This format includes three distinct levels, each of which gradually increases the amount of oversight provided:

One-Time Service: Property owners who take advantage of our one-time service only need help advertising their available properties and identifying tenants who will prove to be stable, reliable renters. They keep direct control over all other phases of the management process. To attract potential tenants, we run advertisements both in print and in a range of online resources. When these ads generate responses, we take care of everything needed to verify the suitability of everyone who fills out an application, including credit reports, criminal history checks, eviction history checks and verification of claimed employment. At the end of this extensive screening, we provide you with the relevant results and handle property showings for qualified applicants.

Full Service: Our full-service level adds day-to-day operational tasks to your property management package. On the tenant side of things, these tasks include the signing of all rental leases and monthly rent collection for each occupant. They also include maintenance of a 24/7 point of contact for all tenants and the issuing of sensitive notifications such as rent increases and the detailing of any lease violations. On the owner side of things, our full-service level includes regular reports on the physical and financial status of each property, the scheduling and tracking of all property inspections and the payment of all municipal utility bills.

Premium Service: For users of our premium service, we handle an even wider range of ownership-related property management tasks. Common responsibilities added at this level include the handling of all mortgage payments and the handling of all taxes for each property under contract. We can also handle any payments required for rental properties overseen by a local homeowners’ association.

Residential Management Fees

The fee charged by A-Creative Property Management varies according to the level of service you need. If you opt for our one-time service, you pay 5.9% of the first-year rent charged to tenants we attract and screen. If you opt for our full-service package, you pay just 6.9% of your tenants’ rent for the inclusion of all added services. If you choose our premium package, the included ownership-related services boost your fee slightly to 7.9% of your tenants’ rent. Bear in mind that you will never receive a bill for any unit that doesn’t have a current occupant.

Homeowners’ Association Management

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are organizations created to preserve the physical condition, general atmosphere and property value of subdivisions and other communities. These organizations achieve their goals by establishing and enforcing deed restrictions for owners and renters, issuing fines or other penalties for people who don’t comply with these restrictions, and keeping public spaces and facilities in appealing and usable condition. Since homeowners’ associations typically have far-ranging responsibilities, they must spend considerable amounts of time and effort to deal with both expected and unexpected situations. Instead of shouldering this burden alone, they often call on the assistance of a trustworthy HOA management company.

In Irvine and the rest of Orange County, Homeowners’ associations can turn to A-Creative Property Management for critically needed help. Our comprehensive selection of HOA-related services includes assessments of deed restriction violations, as well as the issuing of notices and penalties to the parties involved. It also includes upkeep of the condition of all public areas and buildings, the vetting of every vendor seeking HOA approval and the timely, orderly handling of any emergencies that fall under HOA jurisdiction. In addition, our services extend to the homeowners’ association boardroom, where we can help you with key organizational tasks that facilitate every aspect of your work.

Irvine’s Source for Property Management Services

Irvine stands out as a planned community split into villages with distinct architectural themes. It also stands out as a center for education and business. Prominent educational institutions based or located in the city of 250,000-plus include the University of California at Irvine, Cal State Fullerton and Pepperdine University. Prominent corporations include Kia Motors, In-N-Out Burger, Obsidian Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, Stussy and L.A. Fitness. Irvine is also home to the Ayn Rand Institute, Orange County Great Park and Heritage Park. In addition, millions of people throughout the world have seen the streets of the community immortalized in film and on television.

A-Creative Property Management is based just west of Irvine in Huntington Beach. Since first opening our doors 30-plus years ago, we’ve provided top-flight assistance for the owners of small and large rental property holdings, as well as homeowners’ associations responsible for neighborhoods of all sizes. Our Better Business Bureau accreditation and longstanding ties to Orange County make us the perfect option for trusted, knowledgeable management services. Whether you need help with just a few important tasks or want a true caretaker for your properties, we can easily adjust to your preferences and requirements. No matter what level of service you choose, you can count on the same tireless dedication and advocacy on your behalf. Call us today for more information and a free quote for your desired services.


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