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With its 3 million-plus residents, Orange County forms a vital part of one of America’s most heavily populated regions. Rapid growth in the area provides a steady stream of newcomers seeking suitable housing. Among other things, this means that the county is a fertile market for owners of residential investment property. In addition, the county boasts a large number of homeowners’ associations (HOAs) dedicated to maintaining housing standards in local communities. Some residential property owners and HOAs feel well-equipped to manage their own affairs. However, other individuals and organizations need qualified professional help to keep their interests in order. When property owners and homeowners’ associations in Newport Beach require crucial management assistance, they can call on the seasoned experts at A-Creative Property Management.

Residential Property Management

Residential property management has several basic goals. First, a management company has a responsibility to perform certain duties on behalf of you, the property owner. These duties typically vary according to your specific needs. For example, some owners just want a manager to identify qualified tenants and show their property to prospective renters. Other owners require a higher level of service, and need a company to oversee all day-to-day managerial duties for their properties. In some cases, owners want a management company that will also provide additional services, such as oversight of the payment of taxes, homeowners’ association fees, and other financial obligations related to their investment property.

Levels of Service

At A-Creative Property Management, we offer a range of services designed to fulfill the needs of all property owners searching for a management company for their real estate investments:

One-Time Service

This service is specifically for owners who only need to identify qualified tenants for their rental property. We begin by advertising your property in both print and online resources. When prospective tenants respond, we conduct a thorough screening process that includes detailed credit reports, verification of current employment, and nationwide searches for any history of criminal activity or prior eviction proceedings. After we complete this background check, we’ll schedule and conduct all property showings. You take responsibility for everything else, including lease signing, and all ongoing management duties.

Full-Service Property Management

This option is for property owners who need ongoing management services after tenant advertising and screening are complete. Additional tenant-oriented services covered at this level include lease signing, monthly rent collection, provision of a 24/7 answering service, and presentation of notices for rent increases, lease violations, and other changes in status. Additional owner-oriented services include payment of all utility costs, annual property inspections, and the provision of detailed monthly statements for each property.

Premium Service Property Management

This option is for property owners whose needs go beyond tenant advertising and screening, as well as day-to-day property management. Additional services covered at this level include payment of all homeowners’ association fees and property taxes. They also include payment of the property’s monthly mortgage.

Residential Management Fees

The cost of hiring A-Creative Property Management depends on the level of service you require for your properties. For our one-time service, we charge 5.9 % of the tenant’s rent for the first year. The fee for full-service management is 6.9 % of the tenant’s monthly rent. For our premium service, we charge 7.9 % of the tenant’s monthly rent. These rates compare favorably to those charged by most property management companies in the region. Importantly, we’ll never ask you to pay a fee while you property is unoccupied.

HOA Management

Planned communities, apartment complexes, and subdivisions across America rely on homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to protect their property value by maintaining all public areas, and establishing and enforcing a set of rules for all residents. In order to accomplish all of its mandates, an HOA must operate with a great deal of efficiency, and address a broad range of potential issues, including timely processing of residents’ concerns, round-the-clock provision of emergency services, and collection of payment for covenant violations. Understandably, not all HOAs have the time or resources to easily cover all areas of their responsibility. That’s why many homeowners’ associations call on the services of an HOA management company.

At A-Creative Property Management, we provide a number of critically important management services to HOA communities throughout Orange County. Our full-service property maintenance and management package includes comprehensive groundskeeping, building maintenance, and building repair. It also includes vendor screening and management, regular external property inspections, and 24/7 availability for routine and emergency maintenance issues. In addition, we take responsibility for handling all resident complaints promptly and cordially, as well as for following up with actions required by the rules and bylaws of your community. Finally, we help support the smooth function of your HOA board by providing no-cost packets for your monthly meetings.

Newport Beach’s Home for Top-Quality Property Management

Situated just south of Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa on Orange County’s Pacific Coast, Newport Beach is a thriving city of 87,000-plus inhabitants famous for its namesake harbor and large recreational boating community. Like many of its neighbors, the town was first settled in the 1800s before undergoing incorporation at the start of the 20th century. Newport Beach is well-known for its robust local economy and high standard of living. The list of local activities and landmarks includes the Newport Beach Boat Show, Newport Pier, the Orange County Museum of Art, Balboa Pier, Newport Center (Fashion Island), and the local surfing spot known as The Wedge.

For more than three decades, Better Business Bureau-accredited A-Creative Property Management has provided comprehensive residential and HOA management services to the Newport Beach community. We’re headquartered just up the road in Huntington Beach, and our longstanding familiarity with the region gives us a detailed understanding of the issues you face operating in vibrant, dynamic Orange County. We also have a deep understanding of the broader concerns of managing a single property, a group of properties, or an entire neighborhood or community. No matter what level of assistance you require, we have the expertise needed to keep you on the right track. In every case, we treat you as an individual, and strive to provide the highest level of service without busting your budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free quote.


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