Are you in Tustin and seeking the services of a reliable property management company? Then it is time to call us at A Creative Property Management. We are an established agency well known for being the most trusted property management company in Southern California. With us, you get custom-tailored management services that include precisely what you need, and nothing that you do not. With decades in the business serving Tustin and the surrounding cities, we have the experiences and approaches you can trust. From marketing to vetting to collecting rent and more, A Creative Property Management does it all—and does it well—so you don’t have to.

Our Property Management Services in Tustin

The A Creative Property Management team takes great pride in our ability to offer the exact services each of our clients require. In addition to tailoring the services we offer, we also tailor how long we offer them for. While our main source of business are long-term and returning clients, we are also happy to work with you on a single occasion if that is what you need.

As we are a full-service business, we offer the full slate of property management services for all types of rental properties, including apartments, single-family homes, properties in homeowners’ associations, and other types of residential properties. Below are the most popular services we offer, categorized by property type.

Residential Property Management

Residential property management services are services for single-family homes, single units in shared buildings, and other residential property types that are not full apartment complexes. If you have a residential property that you need help marketing, renting, or managing, we are happy to help.

Because we offer a full slate of services, you do not need to be involved in the management of your property beyond selecting the services you desire. This is ideal for those who do not want to visit the property or who cannot visit the property to keep up with things like maintenance and rent collection. So, what might a full-service option look like for you?

If we are with you right from the start, the first step is to work on marketing your property. For this, we will talk to you about upgrades that will net you a high return on investment, ways to play up the best features of your property, and other small changes that will cost little to no money while making a difference in your rental profits. Once we improve the property, if needed, we will determine the right rental price based on the current market.

Once the property is looking great and the price is set, we start crafting the marketing campaign, helping your property stand out amongst the rest and targeting the right potential tenants for what your property offers. Once interested individuals contact us, we will show the property to them, helping them see how it fits their lifestyle. Then when they submit an application, we thoroughly screen them, ensuring that the tenants you rent to are responsible and qualified. We do this by looking at employment history, criminal background, and rental history.

Once the property is occupied, we are the middleman between you and the renter, and we will only consult you as often as you see fit; if you want us to make all but the most critical of decisions, we will, but we can also be in contact with every decision to be made. During this stage, we handle collecting rent, making repairs, maintaining the grounds, and offer accounting services. If at the end of the contract, the tenant wishes to remain, we will draw up the new contract and signing; if the tenant wishes to leave, we will handle the process of checking the property, any security deposit refunds, and getting the property ready for the next tenant.

Apartment Property Management

While apartments are also residential properties, the approaches used in apartment property management are different simply because everything happens on a larger scale. Additionally, due to the nature of apartment complexes, the property management is almost always an ongoing service. Depending on the size of the complex, you could have tenants moving in and out every month, necessitating our full slate of services on a monthly basis.

Another important aspect to consider is that the apartment rental market is a competitive one in Tustin. There are many complexes for tenants to choose from and you need your property to be as enticing as possible. We not only maintain your property, but focus on affordable improvements that help to keep you at the top of the market while advertising your property in a way that pulls the tenants right in.

As with our other property management services, we will thoroughly screen all tenants who apply, eliminating those who are too risky to rent to. We want your complex to be filled with responsible, trustworthy residents. Once we rent a unit, we handle everything for you.

For rent collection, we offer several payment options, including an online portal that makes it easy for renters to pay, and also eliminates the usual excuses for not paying on time. Should a tenant complain about a problem, such as a leaky pipe, we will turn to our extensive network of contractors to get the job done quickly and affordably. We can also provide security measures, annual inspections, and multi-year property improvement plans. We also handle all accounting matters so April 15th isn’t stressful for you.

HOA Property Management

Any type of residential property has the potential to be part of a homeowners’ association. If this is the case for you, we offer all of our services noted above in addition to taking special measures to stay within the rules and regulations of your association. We can even offer our services at running homeowners’ associations for communities looking for impartial third parties to take over management duties. Simply contact us to learn more.

Why Choose A Creative Property Management?

In Tustin, you have many choices for property management, so why choose us?

The primary difference between us and our competitors is that we take an ala carte approach to offering our services. Rather than the usual pre-set packages, we let you pick and choose what you actually need without forcing you to pay for anything extra. And this is not the only way you save money when choosing us; we also take a smaller percentage of your income, with fees starting as low as 5.9%.

But this is not enough without stellar service, which we always deliver. We have a reputation for keeping units occupied, minimizing the time between tenants, and selecting the best tenants for the property. Working with us ensures no stress for you and a return on your investment.

Getting Started with A Creative Property Management

If you aren’t quite sure which services you need, we will help you figure it out. Just fill out our rental analysis form as we can determine which services will most benefit you. You can call us or stop by in person at our Huntington Beach office. Make the most out of your property with A Creative Property Management.


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